I specialize in the following subject areas


Change Management is the ability of organizations and individuals to adapt quickly to new roles, new behaviors, or new skills. Attendees will learn the behavioral science behind change management, what neuroscience teaches us about change, and practical application.


Corporate culture has such a powerful, psychological impact on its people.  Many organizations downplay or ignore the ethos of corporate culture and how a healthy ethos contributes to successful projects, sales, and run-the-business activities.  Attendees will learn the types of corporate culture, the elements of organizational behavior, and how to apply behavioral science to improve culture.


Let's be honest. Leading is a challenge most of the time. And all of us are leaders of someone.  At the very least, we set examples for others by how we behave.  Attendees will learn tactical ways to apply leadership competencies based on your business's unique cultural needs.


Customer experience is typically focused on the external customer.  However, shared service functions serve internal customers.  In today's work environment, shared services and Centers of Excellence employees must be the best consultants and customer experience experts who play nice in the sandbox with those they serve.  Attendees will learn best-practice consulting skills and how to identify and support your internal customer's top needs.


Many studies show that top talent's first priority when in the job market is an organization with strong learning and development programs.  The focus of this presentation is how to create a learning and development culture, quick wins for high-quality training, and tactics to improve recruiting efforts using the talent development lens.


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