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Speaking Topics

I like folks to walk away inspired by stories with concrete actions they can immediately apply. 

Big Desk
Leadership, Change Management

With the rapid pace of change, change now happens daily in business.  It can be difficult to navigate change when right and wrong can get a bit fuzzy. New processes, new technology, new circumstances and new impacts to people must be measured and decisions made as the change evolves.  Change always becomes something different than what was originally planned or imagined.  Learn how to measure your ethics through change and how to filter everything you do during change through a simple litmus test.  Through the power of story, learn from the lessons of other organizations and their ethical mistakes. Last, you will take away what is required to manage yourself so that when ethical decisions arise, you have the mental capacity to manage through it well.

Woman on Podium
Leadership, Change Management

Leading change now ranks in the top three leader skills of the future. As audit, risk management, and governance are relied on more and more in organizational decision-making, the need to lead change is paramount. Leaders and practitioners at all levels must oversee or manage change in today's environment. Whether you are a CEO, small business owner, or individual practitioner, you lead change in your environment.  In this session, learn how to lead change BETTER because everyone is a leader of someone. Build alignment with those you lead and work with, motivate and inspire, and model the behaviors that drive change. This session breaks down strategies into manageable steps that anyone can cultivate.


Leadership Redefined: How to Navigate Change with Resiliency

Leadership, Culture, Leading Change

Leading through ongoing change requires a different kind of leader if you want consistency and sustainability. Leaders are expected to demonstrate so many qualities in the midst of struggling with questions they don’t have answers to. Redefine how you lead and create resiliency.  Learn new ways to connect, collaborate, turn crisis into opportunity, foster hope, and create innovation.  

Shaking Hands

Internal Customers: Winning from the Inside Out

Internal Customer Service, Consulting

If you take care of your people, they will take care of your customers.  It’s as simple as that. Who is YOUR internal customer? As organizations hyper-focus on customer-centric transformation, the needs of your employees and managers will shift too.  Create a differentiated customer experience for your people. Learn how to identify and visualize their pain points and opportunities.  Optimize their employee experience using key consulting skills and journey maps that deliver actionable insights. This will have a direct impact on your external customer’s experience!

Business Meeting

Top Secret Strategies for Attracting A+ Talent

Managing Talent, Rercruiting

High performing people are attracted to companies with a reputation for talent development.  There are simple ways to improve your talent development strategy that have a big impact on your ability to attract top talent regardless of organizational size. Learn powerful recruiting and retention tricks that turn your organization into a magnet for top talent.

Young Author

Influencers - What They Really Want and How to Get Unstuck

Leadership, Change Management

One of the most powerful change tools is effective stakeholder management.  While it does utilize communication capabilities, it involves so much more!  Learn how to identify, assess, manage, and influence anyone who can make or break your change efforts so you can move your vision, programs, projects forward. (NEW: Strategic focus on empathy and understanding of the company’s stakeholders).


How to Build a World-Class Learning Organization on a Budget

Talent Management and Learning Development

How do you REALLY get the most out of your workforce?  Invest in THEM!  Discover the most powerful motivator of engagement and innovation and how surprisingly easy and inexpensive it can be to implement. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, you can level up your talent development and knowledge management with these simple strategies. 

Feet in the Ocean

Change Resistance: The Undertow That Will Drag Your Change Effort out to Sea

Change Management

What’s fascinating about resistance is that it comes in many shapes and sizes and has an undercurrent that can quietly wipe out successful change efforts.  Recognizing the many “corporately acceptable” resistance tactics available to slow or halt your project is the first step to navigating around it or avoiding it altogether.  Learn practical ways to prevent resistance, identify true resister behaviors and then help manage them in a positive way so your change efforts succeed. 

Ships at Sea

Leadership: Turn the Ship and Create a Healthy Corporate Culture

Leadership, Culture

Culture effects everything; sales, projects, run-the-business activities and employee satisfaction.  Shifting corporate culture can start with small, intentional steps leaders can take.  Identify unhealthy behaviors and the steps it takes to foster and cultivate a healthy cultural where your people can be adaptive and innovate.

Digital social media

Leadership Shift: Leading in the Midst of Change

Leadership, Crisis Management, Change Management

Don’t just survive in crisis, learn how to thrive! Turn the crisis into opportunity by employing the right change management techniques at the right time and build your own change crisis toolkit whether a leader or individual contributor. Companies that take this approach can accelerate their teams through change, improve employees and leader performance, and build cohesive teams.

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