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How do you adapt to the speed of change? 

I am a speaker and consultant, helping companies navigate through transformational change using leading-edge change management & leadership strategies.

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Speaking Engagements & Workshops

As a change evangelist who is vigilant about my own personal growth, my speaking engagements and workshops include stories, current research, and lessons on many topics you will find on my Speaking and Workshops page. These topics are customizable to your unique needs.  I would look forward to an opportunity to speak with you!


Courses available online now for NASBA accredited CE courses:

Leadershift: How to Embrace Disruption and Lead Change

Leadershift Ethics: Things Must Change! Leading Change Ethically

For additional NASBA accredited online courses:

Entire CPA Crossings Catalog


I am passionate about people, learning, and growing because of change - it's the spice of life really and the things that are truly meaningful.  As I speak for audiences everywhere, one thing holds true that knits us together; we all want to do better in our imperfect way. Over the years, I have been in the trenches with many clients and have found the same determination. Each with their own story, I weave together what makes some alive with innovation and adaptive qualities while others struggle to gain that flow required to catapult them into the digital age with authentic transformation. 

Consulting: Strategy and Implementation

With over 20 years of experience in transformational technology and incrimental change management, talent development, and culture shift, I have become really good at quickly assessing an organization's strengths and opportunities, then co-creating a strategy that will move them toward their goals.  Connecting the dots between your business and people strategies is the lynchpin that holds all else together.  From individual projects to enterprise-wide transformational programs, I will ensure your talent, culture, and change vision can be fully realized by your strategy.  From change management strategy and execution to Talent Development and culture planning, what gets me excited are leaders who care about their people enough to invest in them.

"Today's webinar was perfect as I am going thru our ERP implementations in a large governmental entity and going thru change management process, which have been challenging journey." 

CPA Participant - Leadershift Ethics: Things Must Change!  


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